John Enghauser

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Total Karnage are the biggest boys in rock, literally. While most bands are more worried about image, Total Karnage gave up on that, and went back to the roots, making great Aussie music. They are old school Rock, with big crunchy guitars, thumping drums, loud amps, punchy driving bass, and in your face vocals. All the things that Australian Rock was built on.

The band is comprised of Mick Talks (lead guitar and vocals), Bob Russell (bass), Rob Carney (rhythm guitar) and Andrew Tait (drums) and they have smashed the Sydney rock scene together for 2 & 1/2 years. The bands fans are aged from 15 to 70 years old. If you love classic Rock and Roll then you will love the old school Aussie Rock sound of " Total Karnage". Any time the band plays a concert or performs at a live date the band is constantly approach by the musician fans saying " We have learnt something tonight about rock and roil and what old school rock is really all about". The band is constantly being compared to their core influences including AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, Rose Tattoo, The Motley Crue, Velvet Revolver and Motorhead to name just a few. The bands fans including many leading musicians and much of the Sydney Metal and Rock live scene. The band is constantly playing live in Sydney and are now planning tours for the rest of Australia, The UK and Canada for 2010.

In 2009 Total Karnage funded, produced, recorded and wrote all the tracks on their debut EP " Knuckles ". They landed key support slots with Australia's icons of rock "The Radiators " and won the "2009 Jack Daniels Battle of the Bands". This win did not go un-noticed. They were spotted by Hellmut Wolf from indie power house "Blue Pie" and in August 2009, the band was signed to a global distribution, marketing and publishing agreement for the world. After just one month with Blue Pie and on the back of sold out shows, TOTAL KARNAGE have hit the charts, as they landed number 11 on the ARIA charts and number 4 on the AIR charts with their debut EP KNUCKLES!

The four hard hitting seasoned rockers from Sydney's west are on their way up to the top of the Australian and International rock scene. With national and international tours planned for 2010, TOTAL KARNAGE is going to have a huge impact on the Classic Rock and Metal music markets world wide and well deserved. The band knows the meaning of the words " Its a long way to the top if you wanna Rock and Roll " only too well. With hard work, non stop energy at every show and a passion for all things rock and roll that will never die, Total Karnage put the ROCK and ROLL. They have a wealth of experience between them, and their solid rock performances have put them on Australian music map as one of the very best Rock Bands this country has ever produced. The bands music is 100% original and written by the band. As the band say "If it isn't original it ain't played". The music is guaranteed to rock you till you drop. As the bands song says " If its too loud then your too old ".

The bands 1st single to be push to radio globally is " Crazy Horse ". The new video clip is live on YOU TUBE and is being added to video play lists world wide. The EP " Knuckles " is being added to radio globally and more and more people are emailing and joining the Karnage Army. The song is already a favourite at the " Crazy Horse Strip Club " chain world wide with the clubs playing the song every night often two or three times for obvious reasons. The song is about the club and the great times had by all at " The Crazy Horse ".

Total Karnage are out now on Blue Pie for the world and are available at all leading digital retailers on the planet. You can purchase their debut EP from the Blue Pie CD Store at Search on " total karnage " on the WWW for more information or visit the bands My Space page at or Blue Pie for all Concert and Live dates.

Rock On !!!!